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Family Law

Divorce is one of the most traumatic events of your life, both personally and financially. Some clients believe that they cannot afford lawyers in Maryland; however, put simply, you cannot afford not to have experienced, skillful lawyers. We are here to help you and your family through this difficult legal process and make your case as comfortable and quick as possible.


Filing for a limited or absolute divorce in Maryland is a serious matter. During the case, you will likely face issues concerning your family, including your children, pets, and valuable property. As lawyers, we know that from a family law perspective, a divorce decree by a Maryland court effectively ends the legal bond of marriage and the legal benefits and responsibilities that come with it. This is a serious, important decision and process; we are here to help you through it.

Property Division

Under Maryland law, you are entitled to your fair share of marital property and family rights after a divorce. Traditionally, “marital property” means property, however, titled that was acquired during the marriage but not gifts and inheritances. During the divorce process, a Baltimore or Maryland judge will make a decision about how the property is divided – this is sometimes called the “equitable distribution of property.” To be sure, “equitable” does not mean “equal,” and you need the benefit of an experienced attorney who can marshal the passion, facts and legal principles to make your best argument during your divorce. In countless cases in Maryland, one spouse attempts to take or keep the family property to which they are not entitled or take advantage of the other spouse or the rest of the family. In these cases, it is essential to have legal counsel; we are here to help you receive the just result that you deserve and vindicate your rights.


There are technical issues concerning certain types of property like pension accounts, IRAs, retirement entitlements and other annuities where a skillful and experienced professional is essential. Call us immediately if you need lawyers and feel or fear that you are being cheated by your spouse.

Child Custody

We understand how terrifying that question is. In Maryland, child custody is determined according to what a judge determines is in the best interest of the child and family. Here, again, you cannot afford not to have an experienced divorce lawyer. You need an experienced, passionate attorney to handle this delicate matter and help you and your children through this difficult aspect of divorce. More importantly, our family lawyers work to make your children and family as uninvolved as possible to avoid the long-term damage that custody battles can cause.

Child Support

A Maryland child support payment from the non-custodial parent to the other for the monetary support of their children and family will usually be ordered by the court both during and after the divorce. To make sure your spouse is paying/receiving their fair share of family support owed, you can rely on our experience.

Spousal Support and Alimony

Either party in a family divorce may claim alimony, which is also called spousal support, from the other spouse. In Maryland, whether a spouse is entitled to such financial support is a decision that is based upon a great variety of factors, such as the relative, respective incomes of the parties as well as the needs and resources of the parties. The fact that one party is at fault in the Maryland family divorce case does not automatically preclude an award of alimony. There are two kinds of alimony – rehabilitative and permanent.

Rehabilitative alimony – If awarded, is a payment made for a specific or limited period of time as a rehabilitative measure. This is the preferred method of alimony in Maryland.

Permanent alimony – However, in more exceptional situations where a party cannot become self-supporting or the parties’ incomes will be unconscionably disparate the court may make the alimony award of indefinite, possibly permanent, duration. Spousal support determinations are complex and an attorney’s help is important to make sure your rights are protected.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse is a quiet epidemic in Maryland. With the help of your local Maryland police department, we will help you achieve justice and, most importantly, safety. Every member of your household has a fundamental and statutory right to be free from all types of domestic abuse (physical assault, sexual abuse, or threats regarding the same). Without prior notice to the abuser, a victim may petition the court to obtain immediate relief, including: a temporary restraining order, a no contact order, summary eviction of the abuser from the home, use and possession of the home, custody of the children, as well as emergency financial assistance, for a short period of time, extendable for up to a year after a full hearing afforded to the other party. Maryland courts take the problem of domestic abuse seriously and will err on the side of caution nearly every time. To immediately seek judicial intervention, complete the Petition for Protection , and please contact us.

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