DUI and DWI Attorney

As a Maryland DUI and DWI attorney, I have dedicated my career to representing people just like you.

The majority of my clients are hard-working people, who have made a mistake. In a momentary lapse of judgment, often times clouded by the use of alcohol, have gotten behind the wheel after having one too many.

However in the state of Maryland, this mistake has criminal and administrative consequences that could potentially alter a person’s life, at least temporarily.

As a former police officer, breath test operator, trained in the techniques of DUI and DWI detection, I have a unique perspective on DUI and DWI defense.

From the outset, it is critical that you seek the advice of a Maryland DUI and DWI attorney. Within days of your arrest, you stand to potentially waive critical rights, which could lead to the suspension or disqualification of your driving privilege.

IN addition to fines, pretrial incarceration, and stigma of being arrested, your employment could be jeopardized, especially if you are employed as a commercial motor vehicle operator.

Please call me today for a free consultation. Your defense starts the moment you leave the police station. Avoid any further unnecessary negative consequences, by calling today for your free legal consultation. There is absolutely no obligation.

Why Me?

As a former police officer in Anne Arundel County, Mr. Simmons obtained practical experience and unique insight in following Anne Arundel County DUI and DWI related areas:

  • Police training;
  • Police operating procedures;
  • Police tactics employed in the following areas:
  • Detection;
  • Field sobriety testing;
  • Preliminary breath testing;
  • Breath testing (Intox EC/IR and 3000); and,
  • The practices employed in the prosecution of DUI and DWI offenders in Anne Arundel County.

Who would you rather have as your DUI and DWI attorney? An attorney with limited experience in a courtroom, negotiating and plea bargaining; or, an experienced Anne Arundel County DUI and DWI attorney, whom from practical experience knows the judges, state’s attorneys, police officers, and the procedures, tactics, and practices from the scene of the arrest to the inside of the courthouse that will be used against you.

Your defense begins the minute you are arrested. It is essential to engage an experienced Anne Arundel County DUI and DWI attorney from the outset, guiding you through the complex matrix, known as the judicial and administrative processes

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