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Criminal Law Richard SimmonsCriminal or DUI charges are very serious and a conviction can have a negative impact on multiple aspects of your life for a long time. Don’t allow DUI allegations ruin your life. We are experienced, attorneys. By simply taking advantage of our free consultation, we can significantly assist you in mitigating often harsh consequences of an arrest, including excessive fines, the loss of driving privileges and jail time. Don’t make the huge mistake of waiting to hire an attorney, or worse, not hiring one at all! Contact an experienced attorney now!

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you need an experienced professional with answers. If you don’t know your rights, you will lose them. That’s why you should call upon Richard A. Simmons.

Richard A. Simmons has become a well recognized criminal defense lawyer in Anne Arundel County. As a former Assistant Public Defender, Mr. Simmons knows what it takes to successfully defend all types of criminal cases. His combination of expertise and experience will allow us to develop a strategy that is best for your individual situation.

Being an experienced litigator throughout Maryland, Richard A. Simmons has been a fixture in Anne Arundel County for the last 20 years, as a former county police officer with specialized training and experience in police DUI detection and testing procedures and later an advocate for his clients.

Mr. Simmons has built his reputation by successfully defending and achieving the optimal result for his clients. He is committed to ensuring his clients’ legal affairs will be given the same level of care and attention as he would expect to be given his own.

If you are in the Anne Arundel County area, and you are in need of an experienced criminal defense attorney, please contact this office for a free consultation.

A Maryland criminal conviction can have consequences far beyond incarceration. For example, a Maryland Criminal conviction can cause issues with employment, security clearance, child custody and immigration. We are in contact with Maryland immigration attorneys, social workers, and other experts to assure that if you are convicted of violating a Maryland criminal statute, the impact on your livelihood will be as minimal as possible.

When it comes to Maryland criminal matters, time is of the essence. We protect your rights and interests immediately. The State of Maryland is required to follow a certain set of rules and restrictions in its effort to build a case against you. Furthermore, they are required to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. From the moment you are stopped and arrested to the time you are on trial, the State of Maryland is gathering information to make their case against you stronger. It is up to us to guide you through this process and assure your constitutional rights are protected.

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