About Richard Simmons

Do not allow a DUI/DWI arrest to ruin your life. Mr. Simmons is an experienced attorney. By simply taking advantage of the free consultation, we assure you that Mr. Simmons will significantly assist you in mitigating often harsh consequences, including fines, the loss of her driving privilege, and jail.

After years of representing the people of Anne Arundel County, Richard A. Simmons has become a well-recognized criminal defense lawyer. As a former assistant public defender, Mr. Simmons has significant experience handling difficult and often times serious criminal cases. His combination of experience and expertise will assist you in developing a strategy to best overcome your individual situation.

Being an experienced litigator throughout Maryland, Richard A. Simmons has been a fixture in Anne Arundel County for the last 20 years. As a county police officer, Mr. Simmons obtained specialized training and experience in police techniques and tactics in the following DUI/DWI related fields:

DUI/DWI detection;
Standardized Field Sobriety Testing;
Breath test training and certification;
Preliminary breath testing training and certification.

Mr. Simmons has built his reputation by successfully defending and advocating for his clients. He is committed to ensuring his client’s legal affairs will be given the same level of attention that he would expect to receive.

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